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Say goodbye to stale content and impersonal stock imagery!

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Styled Stock


Keep your social media up to date with personalized stock imagery,
styled + photographed in my studio. 

Custom Stock

Two payments of $300 - think of it as the tiniest subscription possible!

24 Images  • 2 week turnaround

Send along monthly or quarterly shipments of props to be photographed in my studio so you have fresh photos on the regular.


Saves $300/year compared to non-subs!

Avg. 12+ Images/month  •  1 week turnaround

Best bang for
your buck!

Add a customized stop-motion flatlay for $200!

New for 2020!

Not a problem! Packs of 10 images can be added to any session for for $200.

Need to add on more images?

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The answer is almost always going to be YES!

Take a quick 5 minute scroll through Instagram: How many styled images do you see? How many images show notebooks, candles, coffee mugs, food, flowers, art supplies. etc? How many images are flat lays? 

This sort of imagery is everywhere, from magazine covers to your neighbor's Instagram feed. Custom stock + flatlays are a must for every type of brand or business. 

If you're still in doubt, simply send your questions to or schedule a call and we can talk it over together.

Before your session, I'll send over a questionnaire that helps me to learn a bit more about your brand and your overall vision. You'll have the chance to fill me in on things like preferred photo orientation, must-have photos, and more.

We'll work together to plan for your session so that we're both on the same page, which may require you to create a general shot list. I also include a printable worksheet so you can diagram specific shots that you have in mind, such as header images that call for empty space for text.

You don't have to send props, however I strongly suggest that you do.

Sending your own props can be a great way to customize the images you get. I've got a butt-load of props on my end, but you'll be better off sending your own along to supplement mine and to truly make these images your own.

Return shipping* is included in your fee and your items will be carefully repackaged and returned to you upon photo delivery.

Considering a subscription? I can hang on to some items to utilize for future shoots if you'd like!

*Up to $19.95, the USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate Large Box.

I'll send over a more comprehensive list customized to your industry, but examples could be: notebooks, office supplies, artist tools, paint swatches, decorative elements, cutting boards, textiles, sponsored products, design samples, and more.

I'd save the breakables and priceless heirlooms for an in-person shoot, though. ;)

I accept shipments during the first week of every month and once I know how many shoots I've got, I schedule them in over the next few weeks.

Photos will be delivered by the end of the month and props will be returned unless otherwise discussed (i.e. for subscriptions) upon photo delivery.

Shipments arriving past the 7th of the month aren't guaranteed to be photographed and will be scheduled in to the following month.

Instead of booking separate sessions through the year, I offer subscriptions where you'll get images monthly or quarterly delivered to your inbox.

What's the big deal? Let's make a list, shall we?

•Subscribers get a discounted rate vs one-off photo sessions!

•A smaller, recurring monthly payment to make bookkeeping simple

•Use your photo allotment how you wish - monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly - whatever works best for your needs

•Subscriber-only stock library - even more images at no extra charge!

To learn more, click here.

Great question. Product photography is specifically meant to showcase a product for sale. These images may or may not be styled, but it's still clear what product is for sale.

You can technically get custom stock images of your products, but they'll be styled in a more lifestyle kind of way where it's not necessarily obvious which item is the product and which is a prop. It all goes together to set a scene, a mood, or inspiration. See examples or custom stock here, here, and here. Product photos can be seen here, here, and here. Notice the difference?

At the end of the day, however, the rate is the same for both custom stock and product photography. So call it whatever you wish!

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