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I fancy myself one of those graceful, put-together girls who can wear heels (and not wobble), drink martinis (without spilling), and pull off a front-tuck (without looking like I just accidentally got my shirt caught in my pants when I put them on). But instead, I'm the girl who wears Converse with dresses, prefers jumping on a trampoline to doing squats, drinks bourbon when I'm casual and Scotch when I'm fancy, and could name all of the Mercury 7 astronauts, but not a single Real Housewife.

Did we just become best friends?

THANK YOU for the supreme artistry required to roll with the punches, take purple smokebombs to the face, solicit children to dance with me in the shot, climb on rocks, hit the boardwalk, and risk life and limb to do this work. You're a fucking miracle. These are *better* than they were in my head. (And they were pretty freaking stunning in my head.)

 "Hooray I love them!!!!!"


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 I love your style of photography, once we started chatting I knew you and I would be a great fit! I love working with someone that I get along with too! I was worried I was going to find yet another photog that would be a one and done situation, you have been a dream to work with and I feel like as long as I'm doing this, I'll want to work with you! That you are an absolute blast to work with, you produce incredible results and have a great eye for what works and what won't.

"You produce incredible results!"

bree west  //  bree west blog
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My biggest fear was that i would look stiff and boring in my photos (and feel really awkward during the shoot). And while I did start off feeling awkward (I hate getting my picture taken!) you quickly made me the comfortable with your sweetheart personality and us bonding over our awkwardness. So my photos weren't stiff and boring like I feared! I absolutely loved it and can't wait to do it again!

 "OMG you have to use Alicia!"

Kelly costigan //  Health Coach + Founder of 8Safe

I felt so confident and present and grounded in the experience. I knew we were on the same page going in because of the questionnaire and the one-pager you sent me ahead of time. I got dozens of beautiful photos in a few different poses and locations and outfits. This felt like a partnership.

"Alicia will make you feel so comfortable in front of the camera"

Joanna Platt  //  Life coach + podcast host



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