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You're not just selling your skills or a service, you're selling a lifestyle.
Highlight your work in action with brand lifestyle photos.

WHAT THE           IS personal brand PHOTOGRAPHY?


Make them love the real you!

Artist. Event planner. Coach. Whatever your specialty, as a personal brand you absolutely need loads of images.

Consider brand ‚Äčlifestyle photography your own personal library of images that you can pull from when you need content for social media or a blog post that's lacking images. 

Forget simple headshots: let people see the real you when you add some casual flair to make them fall in love with you. From behind-the-scenes shots of you creating, to portraits of yourself for Instagram, you'll be set for months. Bonus: you'll help to foster a connection to your clients and followers by introducing them to the person behind the brand!

Show off your latest painting. Document a real life workshop you're teaching. Take followers behind the scenes in your studio. It's all gold!

Ready to kill it with fresh photos?

Get it done for $1000 OR $350 MONTHLY.

Meg is a bit camera shy, so we spent her session less focused on traditional portraits of her face and more focused on capturing her natural surfer girl vibe. We met for a hazy, cool September sunrise in her hometown of Ocean City, NJ. While she sipped coffee and drew in her sketchbook, I looked for windswept hair to frame her hands hard at work. We made sure to include her beloved pink surfboard and lots of wide beach shots to round out the shoot.

Meg Jacovino

Artist + Surfer

"Light, colorful, and fun" is what Kristen told me she wanted for her most recent branding session. I brought crystals and prisms; she provided the giant bubbles and the personality. We played with intentional soft-focus, light, colors, and reflections in her portraits. The session was filled with play, laughter, and so much joy. It's the perfect example of a branding session that eschews the norms of what a typical branding session is meant to be.

Kristen Kalp

Business Coach + Author

Megan is a subscriber and we have loads of fun when we get to work together. For a recent mini session, Megan needed a fresh take on boring headshots. We styled a desk with some of her favorite office supplies and personality pieces (like the Harry Potter series of books) and mixed up portraits and headshots with a few playful images for her social media feed.

Megan Lentz

Wedding Planner, Vida Events

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Within days you'll receive a curated proofing gallery. Choose your favorite 30 images - or upgrade to receive the entire gallery - and I'll spend the next two weeks editing. On delivery day, your images will be uploaded to your personal online gallery and you'll receive a private link and PIN for downloading.


Together we'll work our magic to bring your vision to life, using your brand + session questionnaire as our guide. 
Whether it's a full rebranding shoot or a fun session complete with giant bubbles and disco balls, I promise to bring my experience and unique eye to the shoot to make it easy and fun for you!


I'll send along a proposal and a client agreement for you to sign. Once your first payment is received, you'll get a link to schedule your session!


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