Spruce up your website + social media with custom stock imagery that was styled with your brand in mind.

styled stock + flat lays

It's time to step up your stock.

There are 8 billion websites where one can purchase styled stock imagery. But your brand won't benefit from using the same stock images - which weren't even styled with your brand in mind - that everyone else has access to.

Whether you're an interior designer eager to show off coordinating design elements, an artist looking to feature your favorite tools, or a coach who needs relevant photos to coincide with all those truth bombs you're spitting, you'll benefit from custom flatlay imagery.

Say goodbye to stale content and impersonal stock imagery!

Uplevel your stock for $600, OR $275 MONTHLY.

Looking for product photos? Click here!

Looking for product photography? Click here!

flatlay + stock gallery

Fill out the form below to get started, then I'll send over an invoice and questionnaire: here's where you get to dish about what you want out of your flatlays! Everything from colors, styles, layouts, and more. You'll even have a chance to share your Pinspiration with me so we know we're on the same page.



How it works

Walk through the custom stock process step-by-step below!

If you have specific props and/or decorative elements you may want included in your images, you'll ship them to me by the 7th of the month. Don't worry - they'll be shipped back to you!



Here's where I get to work my magic styling and shooting! I'll refer back to your inspiration board and questionnaire answers to get a feel for the vibe you're hoping to convey.



Over the next three weeks I'll shoot and edit your flatlay images. They'll be turned around by the end of the month, and your box of goodies will be shipped back to you.



Photo delivery! Upload to your website, social media or create print materials for marketing. Hooray! You're looking good with those shiny new photos on your website and social media!



Say no more, mon amour - I'm in!

Fill out the fun Mad-Libs style form below, or email me directly at hello {at} thealiciabruce.com

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