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It's your            , make it look awesome.

When you are a maker, shop-owner, or anything else that involves selling a product directly to customers, you need images of said products. Bad quality images turn potential customers away, but great images sell themselves. 

I'll work with you to photograph as many of your products as you can (figuratively) throw at me. Your gallery of edited images will come a couple of weeks later, and with a few clicks you'll be ready to share with the world.

I offer product sessions both in person and via snail mail. The shipping process is simple: Just package up your goods plus any props you'd like included in the images. Ship them to me and over the next few weeks I'll style and photograph everything, delivering you a gallery of images. Then I'll ship everything back to you, return postage included!

Your customers will be all heart eyes over your new images.

Get it done starting at $850. Contact me for a more custom quote!

Morgan Swank's tagline is "Bright + bold illustrated paper goods for the fun + witty human". So when it came time for Morgan to upgrade her product photos, I opted for pops of color in the backdrops, while keeping the props minimal and closely related to the subject. Morgan shipped her products to be photographed in my studio.

Morgan Swank Studio

Illustrator + Stationer

I worked with Healthy Fresh Meals to photograph their chef-prepared meals for their website. Because there were so many protein + vegetable sides to photograph, they opted for a full-day shoot to be sure we photographed everything they would need for their website. Styling was kept relevant and natural, emphasizing the 'chef prepared meals, but enjoyed from home or at the office' aspect of their service.

Healthy Fresh Meals

Meal Prep + Delivery Service

CCDC wanted a batch of summer photos featuring their various liquors, both straight and mixed into cocktails. I shot some outdoors in the dappled sunlight, and some in the studio with real greenery and strobes to mimic hot summer sun.

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.

Virginia Distillery

Peep My Recent Work

Hooray! It's time to upload your images around the web. You're looking good with those shiny new photos on your website and social media!


Within days you'll receive a curated proofing gallery. Choose your favorite images - or upgrade to receive the entire gallery - and I'll spend the next two weeks editing. On delivery day, your images will be uploaded to your personal online gallery and you'll receive a private link and PIN for downloading.


Whether you ship your product to me or we're working together in person, I'll utilize your brand questionnaire + prepared shot list to photograph your products.


I'll send along a proposal and a client agreement for you to sign. Once your first payment is received, you'll get a link to schedule your session!


Send me an email through the contact form below: this is your chance to tell me everything you're expecting from your photo session so I can be sure we're the right fit for one another, and if so, give you an accurate quote for your photo session.


How it works

Walk through a product photography session step-by-step below!






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Styled Product Gallery

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Is your question not answered here? Send me an email!

Oh my - I have shot everything from baby quilts to hookah pipes!

From Taiwanese pearl tea, handmade quilts, and floral bouquets on-location to greeting cards, jewelry, and boxed biscuits that were shipped to me. I've shot bottled wine at vineyards and lines of stationery here in my studio. The possibilities are really endless!

Both! When a client reaches out to me for product photography, they have a pretty good idea of where they expect the shoot to take place, whether it's in their shop or establishment, or in a rented space - studio or otherwise.

While I've shot full-day shoots in a photography studio with an entire production team, those shoots are rare. My clients are typically those with shops or local establishments, and I do their photos in my home studio, at their location, or in a rented home or small lifestyle studio space.

I have many product photography clients who are not local to northern Virginia! They simply package up their goods (and any props they want included) and ship them to me. I utilize their client questionnaire (as well as our own pre-session communication) to do the shoot from my home studio.

I'll send over a proofing gallery, and within 14 business days of proof selection the final images will be delivered. Once everything looks good I'll ship the products and props back.

(Psst! I also have local clients who ship or deliver products as well! Not everyone feels the need to be with me as I shoot, saving them time and money.)

Absolutely! Your collection always includes licensing for web and print marketing.

It's important to remember that no matter what photographer you decide to go with, they will always own the copyright to any image they produce (per US copyright law) unless the copyright is explicitly purchased and the photographer gives up all rights to the photo. This is very rare, extremely expensive, and usually only done by large brands.

When you purchase your photo session, you're actually purchasing a license with specific rights for usage. My contract allows for web or print marketing, as well as editorial use (with permission and credit).

I'm happy to talk about copyright and licensing if you have any additional questions.

Product photography is a time-consuming process, therefore the price must reflect the hours spent styling, shooting, and in post production.

Collections begin at $850 for basic studio flatlays and go up from there.

Most typical styled product sessions will come in around $1000 for 15 final images, but this can change depending on your specific photo needs.

I can also offer full day rates for those of you who have more extensive shot lists.

Before you assume I'm being shady by not giving more definitive answers than that: I have tried to have a 'one size fits all' way of pricing out product photography and it didn't work out very well. Every type of product session is different from the next, and most of the time I ended up putting in way more work for clients who were paying the same price as those who required less of my time.

Instead of booking separate sessions through the year, I offer subscriptions where you'll get images delivered quarterly to your inbox.

What's the big deal? Let's make a list, shall we?

•Subscribers get four 3-hour sessions (one per quarter) at a discounted rate vs one-off sessions

•Subscribers don't have to choose their favorites from proofs - they always get the entire curated gallery of 25+ product photos edited within 7 business days of their shoot!

•A smaller, recurring monthly payment to make bookkeeping simple

•Subscriber-only stock library: over 200 images at no extra charge!

•20% discount on additional sessions and/or illustration commissions.

To learn more, click here.

I accept shipments during the first week of every month so I can manage my time spent shooting in studio and on-location in the most efficient way.

This makes it possible for me to spend an entire workday or two shooting back-to-back product photos so I can then sit down and edit them all over the following days.

Shooting flatlays and styled products looks simple, but it's a time consuming process to get the lights, the backdrop, the props, and the product just right. If you know how long it took to get the perfect ribbon curl, you'll understand, hah!

My lights, backdrops, and tripod can remain set up in position which limits my time spent setting up and breaking down for each individual shoot. It works out best for you - that's less time fussing with equipment and more time photographing your products!


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