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thanks to the magic of snail mail.


in a box!

It's your            in a box.

Not local to northern Virginia? Can't find the time to be on set for half a day? No problem - just send me your products!

The process is simple: Just package up your goods plus any props you'd like included in the images. Ship them to me, and over the next few weeks I'll style and photograph everything delivering you a gallery of images. Then I'll send everything back to you!

Need humans to pose with your product? No problem! I'll take care of finding the right people and location for your session.

Ship happens.

Get started for just $850 or $350 monthly. Contact me for a more customized quote!

flatlay + styled product gallery

Fill out the form below to let me know you're interested, then I'll send over a questionnaire: here's where you get to dish about what you want out of your product photos! Everything from colors, styles, layouts, and more. You'll even have a chance to share your Pinspiration with me so we know we're on the same page. I'll work on acquiring models if that's something you've requested!



How it works

Walk through the process step-by-step below!

Ship me your stuff! If you have specific props and/or decorative elements you may want included in your images, you'll include those in the package as well. Not to worry - they'll be shipped back to you! Don't have the right props on hand? I've got plenty!



Here's where I get to work my magic styling and shooting! I'll refer back to your inspiration board and questionnaire answers to get a feel for the vibe you're hoping to convey.



Over the next few weeks I'll shoot and edit your product images. Within days of completing the shoot, you'll receive a curated proofing gallery. Choose your favorite 30 images - or upgrade to receive the entire gallery - and I'll spend the next two weeks editing.



Photo delivery day! Your images will be uploaded to your personal online gallery and you'll receive a private link and PIN for downloading. Hooray! You're looking good with those shiny new photos on your website and social media!



Say no more, mon amour - I'm in!

Click a question to see its answer!

Is your question not answered here? Send me an email!

I accept shipments during the first week of every month and once I know how many shoots I've got, I schedule them in over the next few weeks. 

Photos will be delivered by the end of the month and props will be returned unless otherwise discussed (i.e. for subscriptions) upon photo delivery.

Shipments arriving past the 7th of the month aren't guaranteed to be photographed and will be scheduled in to the following month.

If you still have questions, simply send them to or schedule a call and we can talk them over together.

Before your session I'll send over a questionnaire that helps me to learn a bit more about your brand and your overall vision. You'll have the chance to fill me in on things like preferred photo orientation, must-have photos, and more.

We'll work together to plan for your session so that we're both on the same page, which will require you to create a shot list. I also include a printable worksheet so you can diagram specific shots that you have in mind, such as header images that call for empty space for text.

You don't have to send props, however I strongly suggest that you do.

Sending your own props to supplement my own can be a great way to customize the images you get. I've got a butt-load of props on my end, but by adding some of your props in will truly make these images your own.

Return shipping* is included in your fee and your items will be carefully repackaged and returned to you upon photo delivery.

Considering a subscription? I can hang on to some items to utilize for future shoots if you'd like!

*Up to $19.95, the USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate Large Box.

I'll send over a more comprehensive list customized to your industry, but examples could be: notebooks, office supplies, artist tools, paint swatches, decorative elements, ribbons, confetti, cutting boards, textiles, sponsored products, seasonal items, and more.

I'd save the breakables and priceless heirlooms for an in-person shoot, though. ;)

I'll use your shot list to get all of the individual product and combinations that you've requested, but since we can't be together I'll shoot a few variations of some setups. I'll also grab different angles and crops, giving you a variety of images to choose from.

Your collection includes a specific number of final edited images (depending on your needs) so you get to choose exactly which images you like best from your proofing gallery.

Can't decide? You have the option to upgrade and get the entire gallery which will be edited and delivered in 14 business days.

Instead of booking separate sessions through the year, I offer subscriptions where you'll get images monthly or quarterly delivered to your inbox.

What's the big deal? Let's make a list, shall we?

•Subscribers get a discounted rate vs one-off photo sessions!

•A smaller, recurring monthly payment to make bookkeeping simple

•Use your photo allotment how you wish - monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly - whatever works best for your needs

•Subscriber-only stock library - even more images at no extra charge!

To learn more, click here.

In-person sessions take a some additional planning and coordination, hence why they cost a little more.

With either session I start by sending a questionnaire to learn more about your brand and products. With an in person shoot, the client is on-location to make adjustments and suggestions as we go along. This can be great for people who have a specific vision and would prefer to have some control over the styling.

Typically product shoots via mail will be shot as flatlays or styled product images, however I have used models and gone on location in the past. Unsure which is right for you? Take the quiz or send me an email!

I accept shipments during the first week of every month so I can manage my time spent shooting in studio and on-location in the most efficient way.

This makes it possible for me to spend an entire workday or two shooting back-to-back product photos so I can then sit down and edit them all over the following days.

Shooting flatlays and styled products looks simple, but it's a time consuming process to get the lights, the backdrop, the props, and the product just right. If you know how long it took to get the perfect ribbon curl, you'll understand, hah!

My lights, backdrops, and tripod can remain set up in position which limits my time spent setting up and breaking down for each individual shoot. It works out best for you - that's less time fussing with equipment and more time photographing your products!


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